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My first foray into a "contemporary hockey romance," and I loved it!

Blocked - Elise Faber

I had an amazing review written for Blocked, Elise Faber's first contemporary hockey romance, but I somehow lost it...so, I will say that I really enjoyed this story. It's obvious from the writing that Elise knows and loves hockey very well. I'm not overly familiar with hockey and I had no problems following the hockey action in the book. Brit is the NHL's first female goalie, and Elise details the struggles with what I can only imagine is personal experience from her playing the game with a bunch of stinky men. Stefan is sweet and strong; his dedication to his mom is endearingly admirable. And I LOVED Stefan's mom. She was wise, calm, and capable of kicking Stefan's butt into gear when he needed it. There were some scenes that had me sobbing, and some that had me laughing out loud. I love Elise's snarky humor. Great job!