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"Before you, I merely existed."

— feeling amazing
Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Series) (Volume 2) - Elise Faber

“They were flipsides of the same coin. He, the healer. She, the killer. Their powers were polar opposites and in that, the universe found balance.”


“Dark Phoenix” is the second book in Elise Faber’s Phoenix series and continues the story of Daughtry, our fragile heroine with a heart of goodness and a mind of darkness—or so she thinks. In the first novel, “Phoenix Rising,” Daughtry meets, falls in love with, and bonds with Cody, the “emerald-eyed” yin to her yang. “Dark Phoenix” finds Daughtry continuing her attempts to master her magic, fight off the darkness that threatens to overtake her, and strengthen her relationship with Cody.


The book is action-packed, intense, and sexy. Cody is my new favorite book boyfriend. He is tough, intense, chiseled, impulsive, sarcastic, sweet…my list could continue for quite a bit. I don’t know what it is about Cody, but I *heart* him. Yes, I’m an adult and I just wrote that.


Daughtry is a worthy heroine. She is overcoming childhood traumas that crippled her self-esteem and we are passengers on her journey of redemption, discovery, and acceptance. Daughtry is a well-developed character, one that is easy to like even if we sometimes want to grab her and say, “Give yourself a break!” But isn’t that true of all humans?


The imagery in the book is beautiful; I love the constant references to Daughtry’s and Cody’s purple and emerald powers melding, mixing, swirling. Elise Faber paints rich visual pictures, of settings and her characters (obviously, or else I wouldn’t love Cody as much as I do). She is a natural writer, her words fluid and sensual.


The best part about these books is the sense of community and family it creates for Daughtry, who was basically an orphan beforehand. When she becomes involved with Cody, she meets an entirely new group of people who adopt her as their own, and they are fabulous. “Dark Phoenix” expands this family to give Daughtry a deeper sense of history and belonging. We learn more about these supporting characters as Daughtry interacts with them, and I just adore them, especially Morgan (Tyler was my supporting-character crush in the first book). They make me smile, they definitely make me laugh, and they are as intricate to the story as Daughtry’s powers. I’m hoping that once the series is finished, Ms. Faber decides to write novels from their perspectives.


I couldn’t help but think at the end of this story that the titles of the books could be reversed; in “Phoenix Rising,” Daughtry is struggling with every aspect of her life and ready to succumb to the darkness enveloping her. In “Dark Phoenix,” she is able to come to terms with and find peace in her life. I can’t wait to see what the third installment holds!


“Dark Phoenix:” 5/5 Stars! Well-written, sexy, fun, vibrant, engaging, action-packed, smart, endearing. I can’t recommend enough!




“Of course you’re important,” she replied. “There. I’ve stroked your ego. Feel important now?” –Daughtry, teasing Cody


“If I see the location on a map or have the exact coordinates, I can get us there. I’m a navigation system on steroids.” – Morgan, on his magical talents


“Next time don’t act so surprised when someone wants to take care of you. You’re family.” –Dante to Daughtry


“Before you, I merely existed.” –Cody to Daughtry


I was given an ARC for an honest review.